Tivoli is a great spot for relaxation near Rome. Many tourists who visit Rome take a day trip to escape the city and rest in this beautiful small hilltown. Tivoli is located near Monti Tiburtini hills. Due to elevation, the air here feels much cleaner and of course, there is less pollution as well. Because of the convenient location of this town, the upper classes in Rome would usually build their houses here as a retreat. As of right now, the city counts more than 50,000 citizens. It is a fairly large city that goes past the confines of the ancient city center. Still, many of the artifacts, such as ancient walls are still preserved. There are also many sites of worship from the Pagan period of Rome. Visitors can also experience warm springs. The most important attractions are Villa D’Este and Hadrian’s Villa.

Tivoli has more than enough attractions for a day trip. Sometimes visitors are so amazed by what they see that they extend their stay. If you’re a fan of Hadrian and want to visit his Villa, you will have to take a separate bus. Hadrian’s Villa is open to visitors, but it is actually located outside Tivoli. The ruins of a famous emperor’s villa are so vast that seeing them might take up your whole day. If you want to see everything in the city, staying beyond just one day might be a good idea. Plus, in your free time, you can sign up at Bet22 and enjoy the thrill of profitable games from the comfort of your home or hotel. You may be able to bet on Italian sporting events or find games modeled after Ancient Rome. So, without further ado, let’s look at the most famous sights in Tivoli.

Villa d’Este

Villa d’Este

This exquisite palace was constructed to house Cardinal Ippolito d’Este. He was a representative of the influential Borgia family. The Villa is not modest and plain, as you’d expect from its Cardinal owner. Quite the opposite, it contains many luxuries. The most impressive of all is the garden. During the building process, this garden was intended as a crown jewel of the entire Villa. The villas are water-themed and feature fountains of all shapes and sizes. Two of the fountains are particularly impressive, called ‘Fountain of the Dragons’ and ‘Hundred Fountains’. There is also a small-scale fountain in the shape of Rome. Lastly, there is the largest fountain of all, called the Water Organ Fountain.

Hadrian’s Villa

Anyone interested in ancient history or just Roman Architecture should pay a visit to Hadrian’s Villa. It is a spectacular building from the second century. The emperor built it as his resting place. He spent a lot of time here, away from the loudness of the city. The villa was truly gigantic and featured everything one could conceive of, including underground tunnels. There is a multitude of gardens, temples, and other amenities. Hadrian was very fond of Greek culture, and his Villa is proof of his Hellenistic tendencies. The emperor’s Villa is so vast that you’re definitely going to need a map to explore it. 

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