Get to know the main organisations for you to bet on MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Now that we’ve informed you that there are other options for you to bet on MMA, let’s talk a bit about the biggest organisations in the world for you to bet on MMA in fighting the best fighters in the world today.

Fights in the UFC

There is no doubt that in the UFC you will find the highest volume of betting in the entire MMA market. Here are the best fighters and where are formed the most exciting fights and that gather more people, a little bit all over the world.

As we mentioned before, UFC events take place practically every week, and more or less once a month the UFC has its pay-per-view events, i.e. the events with the most demand and which the UFC takes advantage of to be able to charge money for the transmissions.

Bellator fights

MMA fighters

If we had to choose, Bellator would undoubtedly be the UFC’s biggest competitor. The fights of this organization are also always highly anticipated and there are always great opportunities for you to make good bets and profit a lot with your MMA betting.

This organization, besides young fighters with a lot of talent, is known for hiring veteran fighters, many of them who have been champions in the UFC, forming fights that lovers of the sport for several years always love. For these reasons, also at Bellator you will be able to make excellent MMA bets.

One Fighting Championshp

This is the latest MMA fighting organization that is winning many fans and the bettors are also well aware of it. Despite being an Asian fighting organization, the truth is that this organization very recently managed to sign two former UFC champions, Eddie Alvarez and Dimitri Johnson, who by many is considered the best fighter in MMA history. For these reasons, also here you will have a lot of fun with the quality of the fights and be able to profit with your UFC bets.

UFC and MMA Betting in the long term


On the contrary, if you consider that there is more value in making long-term bets on MMA, you will also have this option at most online sports betting sites. This means that if you want to place a bet that will only have its outcome discovered in a few weeks or months time, you can also do so.

Examples of long-term bets on MMA are bets on who will finish the year as champion of a certain weight category, either on the male or female side. You can also place a UFC bet on which fights will be made up, i.e. whether fighter A will finally fight fighter B by the end of the year. Finally, you can also bet on the number of fights you think a particular fighter will make by the end of that year for example. This can be a huge advantage for the bettor, as it allows them to get more comfort with their UFC bet.

What different markets in MMA are available for you to place bets on

As with football, for example, the UFC and MMA betting markets are many and varied, allowing the Brazilian punter to find the best possible value bets. Get to know some of the most famous markets for betting on MMA:

  • Winner of the final fight
  • Winner of certain round
  • Choose moto of victory (by KO, Submission or by decision)
  • Handicap of Rounds
  • Choose if there will be KO’s or Submissions
  • Exact result of the decision (if it exists)

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