Trusted Online Casinos in Italy

The number of online Casinos in Italy has continued to grow over the years. This growth in the number of online casinos in Italy has not gone unnoticed. Alongside this, is the value of the casinos gambling industry in Italy also growing. For context, the amount wagered gambling in the past five years in Italy eclipses 200 billion Euros. The government has also enjoyed revenue from thus gambling activities in taxes from operators and players alike. The revenues paid to the government from casino gambling activities has helped the Italian government’s income streams. If you want to get a casino account for fun or entertainment, you need to open an account with a trusted online casino in Italy.  Bet20 is one and can be your go-to casino for an account. The casino has a range of offerings for you to enjoy a worthwhile casino experience.

 What Makes Online Casinos Trusted in Italy

casinos in Italy

Do not rush to create an online casino gambling account with any Italian casino provider. Make sure the casino is a trusted entity known to the laws of Italy on gambling. You must do this to avoid falling into the hands of untrusted and illegal posers providing casino services in whatever guise. Some pointers to the legality of online casinos in Italy which you should look out for include

 Is The Casino Licenced

Before creating a gambling account with any casino, be it land-based or an online casino in Italy, you need to ensure the casino operator’s government licences through its gambling regulatory and licensing body. If the casino is licenced, you can trust that the regulator can help you out in case of a dispute. Licensing also implies that the casino would have a safe play guarantee for its players.

Payment Options

Players should inquire about the casino’s available payment options. They should also inquire about such payment options to the player.  They can do this only after the relevant government regulatory body ensures a casino is properly licensed. The legality and reliability of the payment channels should be investigated by you, the player. All these payment option checks avoid issues during deposits and withdrawals. It is especially useful to issues arising after a win by the player on the casino.  

Security and Safety Regulations

Security is a serious consideration you should make before deciding to register an account with an online casino. Players need to know and have the casino show that they are dedicated to protecting the data collected from their users. Players want to know that the casino would not just harvest their personal. The same situation should play for payment and bank details. The point is to ensure they do not sell them off to some big corporations in any guise. Players also want to know that the casino would also protect their privacy. Trusted online casinos take data safety and security very seriously.


Casino players should always confirm the trustworthiness of online casinos in Italy before deciding to register an account and make a deposit with any of the casinos of their choice. The trustworthiness check is important to avoid losing real money, which you would be used for wagering.  

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