How Do Live Bets Work?

As the name implies, live bets are made in real time and can be placed up to the final result of a match. There are different types of “markets” (opportunities) which only happen during an event.

For example, you can bet on the exact result of the match, the number of goals, the half-time/final result, among others.

In short, bets are only placed while an event takes place. In this case, fluctuations during the game can (and should) modify the bettor’s strategies.

Live betting is available for various sports such as tennis, football, American football, Formula 1, UFC, handball, basketball, volleyball, among others.

The live betting presents as a differential not only the number of markets, but also the possibility to bet on one or more simultaneous events, and the dynamism of the events.

Not all bookmakers offer live betting. So that you don’t waste time researching which ones they are, we have selected the best ones for you:

  • Odds, Handicap and Underdog: terms used in sports betting

Before we start betting, let’s learn some terms used in this medium:

  • “sports trader” is the expert in online betting;
  • “odds” are the probabilities of events in a given event
  • “handicap” is a way of increasing or decreasing the risk of the bet through positive or negative margins applied, for example, to a team or a player at the end of the event
  • “underdog” is the team that is NOT the favourite – it is the “underdog”.
  • “moneyline is the traditional type of online betting where the winner of the event is chosen
  • “cash out means to close out your bet
  • “Delay” is the delay in the broadcast signal of the match
  • “dutching is betting on several possible outcomes at the same time
  • “Hedge is to divide the profit/loss among several possible outcomes
  • “Correct score is betting on the exact result of a match

Learning these and other terms is essential for the sports trader. As we can see, there are several terms that are used and learning them is very important to be successful.

Incidentally, some of these concepts manifest themselves differently in pre-match online betting and live online betting. The “cash out”, for example, is usually offered under very different conditions in these two types of online betting. It is therefore necessary to understand both the meaning of these terms and the practical consequences of each one when placing online bets. More details on the types of live online betting are given below.

Free Live Soccer Streaming


In this sense, the usefulness of the broadcast is similar to that of the Live Score game for online betting on free live football. However, streaming is usually more restricted: few online bookmakers are able to offer quality video for many matches and many sports, as they run into financial and legal obstacles linked to licensing of image rights for clubs and sports tournaments. The most common is to have access to live football broadcasts of the most popular leagues, such as the European interclubs.

Still, getting an online bookmaker with good free live football streaming is a good plus for the online live betting trader: today’s results come in real time and in a more exciting way.

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