What markets are available for online CSGO betting?

The market of a CSGO betting site is different from one of traditional sports. Each game and each event will present distinct markets with distinct possibilities within them. The best way to explore this is to understand the rules of the competition you are interested in playing and analyse what is on offer. In any case, the most common options are as follows:

1X2/Final Result


“Mother” of all bets, 1X2 stands for “win/tie/defeat”, a nomenclature borrowed from traditional sports such as football. In the case of a CSGO betting site, as a draw is not possible, the odds will be a win for each side involved.

 Exact score

CS:GO is a scoring game, at least in what concerns the sum of victories on each map – usually the rule determines the winner as the best of three or best of five. This type of bet is precisely to determine the victory score – 2×0, 2×1, 3×1, etc.


The handicap is a classic feature of bookmakers, and can also be seen on a CSGO betting site. The idea is to “weaken” the side considered a favorite to improve the odds. In the ESL Pro League match between Gambit Esports and MIBR, for example, a map handicap of 1.5 for the Brazilian team improves the odds, since it is considered an underdog. To win, therefore, the player bets on this side and MIBR can even lose on a map that the bet will still be a winner.

Betting on Statistics

CSGO maps

The umbrella “stats” allows you to cover a range of bets in CS:GO, but that usually boils down to two markets: map winner and first kill. There may also be the possibility to bet on the amount of maps that will be played, but this gets confused with the exact score.

Short Term Betting in CSGO

As with many sports, we can divide the betting options on a CSGO betting site into short term and long term. The basic difference between them is the waiting time until you get the result.

Any bet placed just before the game is short term; it is usually a bet given when the teams are line-up, we know who will be starters and reserves and often even the maps are already decided. It is the most common type of bet, and the odds are a little lower than the long term and live options. Still, it is the most popular model of all.

The odds in CS:GO

Each eSport has its own betting odds, and it is difficult to try and put them all into one pot. The best tool to find out the best option is comparison. Still, some types of bets are common not only to professional games, but also to traditional sports. Check them out:

 Simple Bet

The single bet is nothing more than the basic selection on the betting card. Any CSGO betting site will offer simple bets or other more complex options – the most basic of these is the single selection bet, which then earns the name single bet.


When a player selects several bets for their card, this usually makes up a multi or cumulative bet. The basic difference to the single bet is that the odds are multiplied, which allows much higher profits to be achieved. The risk, however, is naturally higher as any error in the selections invalidates any hits.

 Combined betting/Betting system

It is easy to confuse multiple and combined; the basic difference is that the combined, also called Betting System, allows the player a certain margin of autonomy. Depending on the system adopted, it is possible to miss one or more selection bets and still win something. You have to analyse all the possibilities – and they are many, whether on a CSGO betting site or any other sport.

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