Fortnite eSports Betting

As the match progresses, and this is another important feature, the map shrinks in size, which forces players to share smaller and smaller spaces and consequently battle each other.

In the end, only two players (or teams, depending on the game mode) will be left, who will then do battle for the final victory. The winner, of course, is whoever survives and defeats their opponent. Up to 100 players can start a Fortnite Battle Royale match, which can be played individually, in pairs or in teams of up to four players.

The Battle Royale genre can be traced back to at least 2004, when the historic Half Life (the same one that gave birth to the classic Counter Strike) offered some of the typical features of the style. Fornite itself, however, only emerged in 2017, and that’s when the genre became the phenomenon it is today.

It’s important to note that few bookmakers offer Battle Royale genre betting, and as a result, it’s a bit difficult to find betting options on the sport. Still, bookmakers offering the game know they are dealing with a cultural phenomenon.

Betting on Fortnite

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Battle royale games like Fortnite are very exciting, fast-paced and require extreme attention, especially when a map is complete with 100 players. In professional events, because of this, the odds of the game are usually very high – after all, there are at least 100 different possibilities of player victory.

Besides the attractive odds, Fornite betting markets can vary a lot from operator to operator; some work only with the final winner of the round/competition, but others go further, offering bets on the top 3, the country of the winner (or winning team) and more.

Note that, precisely because it is a game that involves many players at once, making eSport bets in Fornite can be more complex than in other games; be aware of this and choose your bets well, since the difficulty level is one of the highest – but so is the potential reward.

Fortnite eSports betting sites

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Finding your eSport betting site with Fortnite can be especially challenging when done without support from a specialist bookmaker site. Not all operators work with the game, and searching without results can be frustrating.

You can trust the sites that we recommend to bet on Fortnite because, first of all, they are sites tested and subjected to serious evaluation criteria before being made available to our readership. The aim is to help you get the best experience possible, always in the safest way.

Other factors that make up our assessments include the Fortnite betting markets of the house, their bonuses (if they have any for eSport it is considered a differential), the payment methods available, the availability of communication as a customer and more.

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